Please take a moment to read our updated Terms of Participation.

All Players and Spectators do so at their own risk.
Top End Indoor Sports Centre is a Licensed Venue and as such Alcohol cannot be brought on to site, taken from site or consumed within 2km of the centre.
Players must always follow direction from staff & umpires, and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
Players must maintain a high level of safety and not endanger themselves or others.
Abuse of equipment in any form other than its intended use will not be tolerated.
Respect the decisions of umpires & other officials. Matches cannot go ahead without them.
Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit.
Remember: these are SOCIAL sports.

New & Returning Teams
Before we include your Team in the next available fixture we do ask that you update your Team with your current playing list. 

For returning Teams, please check your playing list is up to date by removing any players who are not part of your Team.
For new Teams, you can 'Add Players' to your Team from your User Profile.  If the player is already in our database you will be asked to confirm their addition.
If they are a new player, you will need to invite them by entering some of their contact information.

Once your playing list is complete, you can email us at and your Team will be included in the fixture.

Please also note - you may only be marked as a 'Regular' player on one (1) Team per Competition Night.

New players can be added at any time by Team Captains online or by using our Player Sign In System located at the centre.

Please note - Top End Indoor Sports Centre admin staff will not add new players to your Team for you.
This means if you pay by cash or card at the counter, and you're not on the printed Team Sheet, you won't be marked off as playing that match.

We also ask that each Team nominates two (2) Captains (or Organisers) to represent the Team and manage any communications with us.

Game Fees
We have multiple payment options available to you and your Team mates to pay your Game Fees.
Fees can be paid online through your profile, over the counter via cash or card, or your Team can talk to us about paying for the entire season up front.
We also have Game Cards available which can be purchased at the counter and will reward you with a discount on Game Fees.

Teams are asked to keep their Fees up to date by ensuring the minimum Team Fee is covered for each match.
Teams with outstanding Fees of $50 or more will not be included in fixtures until the amount has been cleared.

Teams will require a $0 outstanding balance to participate in Finals.

The minimum Team Fee for each Sport is listed below and is required to be paid in full for each match.
These are the Minimum Fee for each match.  Teams that pay more than the required amount each week will be in Credit.  This Credit can be used to cover short falls in future rounds.

Indoor Netball - $84
6-Pack Cricket - $90
8-A-Side Cricket - $96
Indoor Soccer - $40

Forfeit Fees will apply to teams who cancel their match after the fixture has been released.
Fixtures for Monday and Tuesday Night competitions will be released every Wednesday after 12 Noon.
Fixtures for Wednesday and Thursday Night competitions will be released every Friday after 12 Noon.

Forfeit Fees for each Sport are listed below.

Indoor Netball - $25
6-Pack Cricket - $40
8-A-Side Cricket - $40
Indoor Soccer - $20

Player Attendance
We ask that players manage their own attendance records each week.  To do this, please mark your attendance through our Player Sign In System which will be found at the centre.
Players will be required to Sign In before the end of their match to have their attendance recorded.
Player are required to play 50% of their available matches to be eligible to participate in Finals.

For Cricket and Soccer Teams - Only players who have been signed in will be accessible to our Umpires throughout the match so please don't forget to Sign In :-)